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Pamela Daly Faces Both Celebration And Scrutiny, With Her Portrayal Of Margaret Sanger At The El Portal Theatre

June 10, 2014

(North Hollywood, CA) – Actress, Pamela Daly, is embracing both admiration and backlash in anticipation of her one-woman play at the El Portal Theatre from August 22nd – August 31st, when she’ll portray the controversial women’s rights icon, Margaret Sanger.


Sanger, whose legacy is often skewed to fit agendas by opposing sides of sensitive topics like abortion, race, and women’s rights; presents a very unique and challenging role. 

Sanger: One Woman, One Story

JULY 10, 2014

Taking on the tough role of equally commended and criticized Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger is no easy feat. Seasoned actress Pamela Daly was drawn to the role portraying the intrepid Sanger in her own words. Daly’s husband (and playwright) compiled Sanger’s most common and controversial quotes to compose the one-woman show heading to the El Portal theater this August.

Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger, Will Be Brought To Life On Stage This Week in North Hollywood

August 19, 2014

Beginning on Thursday August 21st actress, Pamela Daly, will take the stage at the El Portal Theatre for her powerful one-woman portrayal of Margaret Sanger. The production, which will feature 12 run dates from August 21st – August 31st and is to be considered for Ovation Awards, will cover a broad range of sensitive topics relevant to Sanger’s life and professional legacy.

Sanger: Her Own Words

AUGUST 28, 2014

Mother, wife, birth-control advocate and — unbeknown to most — proponent of eugenics, Margaret Sanger is not the bleeding-heart, Planned Parenthood-liberal some would say she was.


Starting her nursing career in the slums of the East Village, Sanger began her quest as a contraception activist after watching the toll overpopulation and back-alley abortions were taking on New York’s poor and working class. 

A Timely Portrayal: Pamela Daly as Margaret Sanger

Timing is everything. Acting teacher and professional veteran of film/TV, Pamela Daly, appreciates the divisive climate as she prepares to bring women rights activist Margaret Sanger to the stage in her one-woman show at the El Portal Theatre in NoHo succinctly called “Sanger.”


“It’s so charged!” Daly utters with a wide-eyed expression of wonder tinged with apprehension. “I always wanted to portray a strong, historic woman and in a way, Sanger chose me.”

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“Best Money I ever spent on Theatre.”


-El Portal 

Theatre patron

“I was VERY impressed by the play. I had only given two standing ovations in my time at the Tolucan Times, and Sanger is now the third. Congratulations to you all!”


-Natasha Lewin

Tolucan Times

“I am honored to be the 12th voter to see your show. Both my partner, also a voter, and I loved your show! All aspects of your production will receive high marks. Yours is an example of how theatre should be done…”


-Vernon Willet

Ovation Awards

“So old fashioned that it is almost innovative” 


-Ivana Shein

Playwriting consultant

“Pamela Daly gives an astonishingly brave and energetic performance in her one woman play, "Sanger". Neither Daly or the play itself shy away from showing us all facets of this complicated  woman who's impact on our culture can hardly be overstated. Run, don't walk, folks. This one is too important to miss!  Astounding!!”


-Adrian LaTourelle

Los Angeles, CA

“Your performance as Sanger was simply outstanding!  You connected with her on such a deep, sincere & genuine level, I honestly forgot I was watching you & felt like I was on Sanger's journey and mission with her!


You are an exceptional actress and your commitment to your character is honorable and beautiful.  


This is such an important story to be told and one that I was not familiar with, so it was a pleasure to learn about her & to watch her over come so many obstacles, as we all experience in life. 


The writing was beautiful, raw and brutally honest which was refreshing to see.  The set design, lighting & costumes were smart, authentic & truly helped tell the story & loved how often they became characters themselves.


You gave a true tour de force performance and should be so proud of the hard work & I'm sure many sacrifices you made to bring this to life!


I look forward to seeing what you do (create) next!”


-Julie Abrams

Owner / CEO

DreamScope Entertainment

“Thank you so much for the brilliant, outstanding production last night. This is monumental!! The script was rich in content without being pedantic, striking a convincing balance between light and heavy passages. The stage set was pure genius in its compactness, versatility and poetic humor (hats galore, cushions as babies!). The sound tracks were thoughtfully selected and mixed well with the lighting. And of course, the outstanding, masterly, superb, jaw dropping tour de force of the super woman herself!!!! 


-Professor Louise Ghandi

Pasadena, CA.

“We are still digesting the theatre experience of last night.


We are in awe of the extensive research, the skill and mastery of the playwright, the sensitivity of the director and the utterly remarkable and inspiring, memorable performance of an actress whose range is remarkable. Who so totally immerses herself in each character , captivates and mesmerizes the audience , who are with her every moment of her two hour performance.


The collaboration of the Daly family is simply remarkable. A very unique and beautiful thing to behold.


It was a privilege to share this experience with you.”



-Tessa and Stan Ingel

Santa Monica, CA

“You are a true Talent.  Your versatility and creative talent blows me away.   Excellent Work  and WELL DONE!!!”


-Jim Brooks

San Francisco, Ca 

“I am in total awe!  It is also inspiring to see a family working together on a shared project.”


-Kimberly Resnick Anderson

La Crescenta, CA  

“Congratulations on a wonderful production!  The care and effort put in was clearly present on stage and it was a show that truly challenged the audience and made us all think!  That is great.”


-Jay Irwin

El Portal Theatre

“We thoroughly enjoyed your committed performance and found ourselves talking about Sanger's adventures for the remainder of the evening....what a tough & wonderful life!   I cannot begin to imagine how much time, energy, research, love, blood, sweat & tears went into all of that from start to finish.  Kudos to you and the rest of the team who worked so hard.  We had a great experience.  Keep up the fantastic work!”


-Jake (Jensen)& Stacey

Los Angeles, CA.

“Thank you, thank you !! --for a wonderful, thought provoking afternoon.  My friend Rachel and I enjoyed the show and continued discussing it through dinner after the show. I am still thinking about what a fierce woman she was... your commitment shows.


Also, wow, you are a chameleon!


Congratulations to you and your husband, and the rest of the A-team.”


-Keith Mitchell

Scenic Designer

Los Angeles, CA

Congratulations, Pamela!!!  What a feat!!  You were truly wonderful


-Amanda Conlon

Los Angeles, CA

“The show was lovely, relaxed and confident. It was a pleasure to see Pamela live fully in the show and discover so many new things! The audience responded with a standing O.”


-Pat Loeb

Production Manager

El Portal Theatre

“What a feat to take on the role of such an independent world changing woman and so many of her counterparts. It was amazing to see you perform so many different actions while speaking throughout the entire show!


I must say I left the theatre confused and at a loss. It is my opinion that good theatre could have the effect of leaving its viewers with doubt of their own opinions. . . I don't know where I stand anymore, And I'm so glad I don't.”


-Jane Kim

Los Angeles, CA

Aside from your "frenetic" acting---your wonderful way to change scene and mood simply with motion; the way you put on and take off, close up and take out; your range of voices, remembered---you brought forth the story of a passionate,  woman.  

What a clear presentation of birth control vs. abortion! This is more than a play.

I loved how you made it a family affair.  I'm afraid that your next challenge will be taking your production before larger audiences. “


-Sam Graham

Hollywood, CA

“ It was powerful to watch the life of such a shrewd and feminine historical figure unfold onstage, and in the hands of a less supple actress, it might have been tedious. The empathy in Daly’s portrayal of Sanger runs deep as the play takes an unflinching look at some of her more controversial beliefs. You and your team did incredible work on Sanger! You are a phenomenal actress and the story was impeccably told.”


-Melanie Alexander

Los Angeles, CA

“Amazing. So proud and amazed! “


-Andrew Hamrick, CA

“Pamela,  You were superb!!! What a LADY!”


-Mary Ann Geyer


"Your RealEstate Consultant"

“Your acting style reminded us of Robbin Williams.

You might consider doing a female version/ Tribute to the late superstar. Might be timely in many respects.”


-Pat Miller, CA

“Terrific show.” I was not only impressed with the show, but that students came to see it. 



The Voice Newspaper

Shadow Hills, Ca

“Sanger sheds light on the highly-influential woman who changed history, yet is still too often overlooked. Sanger invokes discussion and emotion, and explores issues that are still as relevant as ever - a must see.


Pamela Daly is a tour-de-force to be reckoned with.


I think it's great that she's portrayed as a real, dynamic, grounded woman and not a stereotype/archetype, and boy, did I learn a lot about her - it's terrible everyone doesn't learn about her in school - beyond theatre, I could see this being a great education tool for high-schools/colleges who are open to it.”


-Amanda Conlon

Los Angeles, CA

“Watching Pamela on stage is like watching a child on a playground. Her freedom, imagination, and creativity pulled me into the world of Sanger. What a talented and thought provoking-production by a talented family!


-Kimberly Connolly

Hollywood, CA

“Pamela Daly embodies Margaret Sanger in this insightful and revealing one woman play.  The play is written and performed with humor and playfulness so that you don't realize you have picked up facts and stories that add up to a complicated, fascinating person.  The show is never heavy or slow, as Pamela keeps the action moving, and the script never dwells too long on any given piece of information.  It is a fascinating show for anybody interested in famous females, famous activists, or history-changing Americans.”


-Jay Irwin

El Portal Theatre

“Wonderful! We can’t stop talking about your show – the content is on our minds constantly.”


-JC and Maureen O’connell, CA.

You were SO PHENOMENAL in Sanger.  I thought it was such a beautiful family affair and was so touched by it, even before you hit the stage, by reading about the project and your crew.  :).  And even more so moved while you shared your heart and spirit onstage as you breathed your beautiful breath into her story.  Thank you for educating and inspiring me on so many levels!!


-Christina Piazza, CA

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