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A b o u t   T h e   A c t r e s s 

Great actors and actresses have the unique ability to channel a piece of themselves into every character that they play. This personalization forms the foundation for authenticity. It's what makes audiences connect with what they're viewing, and get lost in the scenes unfolding in front of them. 


For actress Pamela Daly, she brings the emotional flexibility that she maintains in her personal life, into her professional work on camera and on stage. With this, her physical impulses and actions are expressed spontaneously, as she experiences emotions honestly. From moments of excruciating pain to those of overflowing joy - her willingness to share the deepest parts of herself is what makes Pamela Daly such a special figure, and that is what resonates most in her performances.


For more information about Pamela Daly visit  her website or Facebook page!



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